About Granite River Studios

Granite River Studios of New Hampshire is a forward-thinking video production company offering a wide range of video communication services to our clients. We do everything from concept and scriptwriting, to shooting, editing, and video duplication. Our focus is to produce beautiful images in video, capturing the story behind the images. We specialize in the fine art of emotional, visual storytelling.

While the instruments used in our business are highly technical, it’s really an artist that turns ideas and pictures into living stories – captured optically and perfected digitally – to be viewed again and again.

We use a combination of the spoken word, lighting, imagery, color, and (so importantly) music & sound to create the appropriate mood. Through this method, we compose videography that stirs emotional feelings so your message truly resonates. Based on client satisfaction and testimonials, we’re pretty good at this art form.


Granite River Studios is more than a NH video production company. Our marketing and communications background keeps us on message according to your organization’s goals. We get to know you, your target audience, and your communication objectives. We learn what makes your organization tick and capture its essence so that every video production fully achieves or exceeds those objectives.

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